Mohammed Kamal Hadi

Mohammed is a researcher, currently working and lecturing at University of Medical Science and
Technology (UMST). Mohammed has master degree in Materials Science from VNSGU University (India).
With his research work, Mohammed is developing drug charging and transportations system, through
the use of nanostructured system, aiming to enhance CT and MRI imaging process and effectively
delivering the drug to enhance cancer treatments. In 2012, he won several prizes, namely; an
international prize in the scientific research leading 150 participants from many Arab countries and the minster of higher education prize for distinguished graduates in natural sciences in Sudan for the year 2012. He is cofounder of smart care Tech project for innovation and technology. Kamal has exciting STEM advocacy projects in the pipelines and working on several invention projects from which he has 2 patents.


Sudan is witnessing a huge positive change toward sustaining development in technology, education, and health. This movement is been driven basically by young people, willing to find opportunities and seek ways to make better future.
By its nature, Sudan is agricultural country, never less, this extend to other resource as mining, animal resources and water resources. Though the lager young population in count to whole Sudanese, still there are huge problems stands and prevent harnessing the benefits of the resources that available.
There is a need to strength the education, industry, and health sector to fully able to invest these resources and direct that toward real solutions and reflect its results on the community and whole population.
To be able to fully pave some routes toward understanding these problems and touch on some clues of solutions, there is a need for programs and initiative such as ASW to draw some line on the way.
NEF Africa Science week is a golden opportunities for implementing programs and sessions to probe into the real issues and open the channels of dialogue, deep understanding, and conduct some practical example and solutions.
Building on the success of Africa Science week 2017, the plan for this year -2018 event, will be aligned with the general view of NEF (AWS) and connect the dots that been left or overlook by the previous version.


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