Salwa Supckie Campbell
NEF ambassador Sierra leone

Salwa Campbell, NEF Ambassador for Sierra Leone is the Co-founder & Business Development Director of
Fix Solution (SL) Ltd – an innovative technology company. She is also a Fellow of TechWomen, an
initiative of the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Salwa is a Mentor
for junior secondary school girls, where she guides them in making informed career decisions. She holds a
BSc. degree with Honours in Biological Sciences.


For several years, Sierra Leone has been lagging behind in science, research, technology and innovation,
compared to other Sub-Saharan countries and the rest of the world. Sierra Leone is still faced with the
challenge of data availability such that there is inadequate record on research information. Scientific
advances and technological change have been recognised to be the important drivers of sustainable
economic development of nations across the world. There is a need for data driven analysis, which can
provide critical evidence to help inform and influence policy decision-making. It is in this light that NEF is
coordinating and implementing an African Science Week (ASW) across Africa to promote Science and
In an effort to address this challenge, the government of Sierra Leone, has committed “to develop a
framework for scientific research and to support vibrant national innovation and entrepreneurial
ecosystem”, by setting up a Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI), in May 2018. Dr.
Moinina David Sengeh was appointed as the Chief Innovation Officer of DSTI. The Directorate will work
closely with the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, to promote this strategy in schools and


Salwa Campbell

Co-founder & Director, Business Development

Fix Solution (SL) Ltd.

Freetown, Sierra Leone


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