Aibate Hatago Stuurmann
NEF ambassador Namibia

Hatago ǂAibate Stuurmann, NEF Ambassador Namibia hails from Berseba. Her passion for Scientific research, innovations, development and advocacy dates back to her schooling years Martin Luther High School. The SABINA and NEPAD/SANBio fellow is a fond promoter and advocate for effective youth development and integration especially in STEM. The Phd candidate has keen interest in the drug discovery and development frontier, with specific focus on potential phytomedicines and phytopharmaceuticals for non-communicable disease (such as Cancer and Diabetes) and the associated signal cascade mechanisms of actions. She says “The realization that time relevant research, innovations and implementation thereof are of utmost importance for the advancement of science across Africa and improving the livelihood of societies.”


Namibia is a country in southern Africa and its Capital city is Windhoek. The country is bordered by is the
Atlantic Ocean. Namibia gained independence from South Africa on 21 March 1990, Namibia, and the driest
country in Sub-Saharan Africa with a low population, of approximately 2.6 million and its home to 13
different ethnic groups. Namibia amongst other natural diversities is also home to the oldest desert. Namibia
has seen remarkable developments in Research, Science and Technology over the past few years. Varies
players such as Namibian government, Private sector, institution higher of learning (University Of Namibian
(UNAM), Namibian University Of Science and Technology (NUST), International University of
Management (IUM) amongst others), research centers organizations and cooperation have made this
possible. Moreover, recognition by Namibian Government that Research, Science and Technology is an
important factor of economic growth and development, which prompted the establishment of National
Commission on Research Science and Technology (NCRST) in terms of section 4 of Research Science and
Technology Act, 2004 (Act no 23 of 2004). The mandate of the Commission is to ensure, coordinate,
monitor and supervise research, in science and technology in Namibia, while promoting the development
thereof. NCRST also to support linkages between Namibia and international institutions and bodies on the
development of research, science and technology. Overall Namibia has implements varies effective
frameworks that facilitates the achievement of Research, Science, Technology and Innovation objectives,
goal, and agendas amongst other to improve the living standards and livelihoods of its people.