Peter Asare-Nuamah
PhD Candidate at the Pan African University, Cameroon.

Peter Asare-Nuamah is a PhD Candidate at the Pan African University, Cameroon. He is currently serving as the NEF Einstein Forum Ghana Ambassador and is partnering with AIMS Ghana to organize the maiden edition of the NEF Africa Science Week in Ghana. Peter’s academic and research background is bent towards the social sciences but has strong passion for STEM education and STEM innovation.


Ghana’s global recognition stems from its democratic system, agriculture performance and sports. However, in recent times, Ghana’s performance in STEM is commendable and has influenced Google’s decision to set up an Artificial Intelligence Research Center in Accra for the Sub-Saharan Region. To promote STEM innovation, the Government of Ghana restructured the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation. Consequently, in 2017 the President of Ghana set up $100m to fund the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan (NEIP). In 2018 the Ministry of Business and Development made its first call for young innovators and entrepreneurs to tap into the ‘Presidential Pitch’. The Ministry of Trade and Industry has also announced its plans to set up five incubation centers across Universities in Ghana to nurture entrepreneurship skills. Ghana is poised to lift the standard of STEM to a global level. Currently, ICT education plays an important role in Ghana’s education system. Not forgetting the famous and prestigious National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) organized annually for secondary schools in Ghana to boost the passion for Science and Maths education. Ghana has also seen the establishment of the African Institute of Mathematica Science in Biriwa to boost STEM education.


Peter Asare-Nuamah
PhD Candidate, Pan African University, Cameroon.
Tel: +233249791554