Óscar Jaime António
Co- founder of Eagle InoSistem

Óscar Jaime António is a young entrepreneur, co- founder of Eagle InoSistem, a Micro Enterprise dedicated to the Development of Innovative Information Technology Solutions and providing services to private companies within the Angolan territory.


In the context of the current economic crisis that Angola is facing there is a growing demand for professions in the areas of administration and letters, which keeps the young people away from the choice of courses more geared towards science and technology. Thus providing a unique opportunity to engage the students in the importance of their decision for the future of the country. And for this, the Angolan Executive has invested in creating the conditions to train men and women capable of assimilating and creating knowledge for the sustainable development of the country.

Public and private universities, directors of ministerial departments, institutions related to scientific research and technological development, teachers, researchers and university students in the definition of resources, actors and recommended goals are also involved in the implementation of programs, noting that the development of a country is proportional to the scientific and technological production, which is why technology and innovation are decisive for Angola’s socio-economic development and prosperity.

The Government of Angola, through Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, also works to shorten the distance between Higher Education Institutions and entrepreneurship, stressing the need to establish actions that will allow students to take professional internships and initiation to scientific research in the business environment, the realization of scientific research projects that meet the problems of enterprises. It is believed that “higher education should not be limited to the dimension of the transmission of knowledge, to the teaching and training of skills or to the development of skills, but also to be concerned with shaping character, guiding behavior, cultivating feelings and instill ethical values.

Through the creation of socio-cultural projects, young people are presented with career options in the areas of science and technology. In this way, its objective is to broaden the horizons of young people and adolescents in relation to the scientific world in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Information Technology.
A major effort has been made in the adoption of national science, technology and innovation policies by the various institutions, which promote, among other things, the scientific research for development. Policies to encourage and support scientific researchers in order to develop research and experimental development work with a high sense of responsibility towards man and the environment and to ensure that our society makes responsible use of scientific knowledge in all fields. It also stresses the need to ensure the circulation of scientific data and the need to provide scientists with adequate financial and institutional support.


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